Jordan Spence

Born: Plano, Texas

Family:  Wife and 4 children

Prior Professional Experience:

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Marketing and Consulting- 11 yrs
  • Physical Therapy Business Owner

What do you enjoy most about Revenue Cycle Management?

The benefit of a Cycle is that you can jump in at any point and with proper direction, pace, and effort, continue on step after step until you have completed one complete round. Then, with refinement and focus, continue onward completing the cycle again and again with fewer cues in direction, a more steady and confident pace, and less effort at achieving a higher revenue. I enjoy the opportunity to teach business owners and staff how to optimize efficiencies along the Revenue Cycle so that an increasing bottom line is more easily attained again, and again.

What do you love most about Alevia Billing and Consulting?

At Alevia, we believe that true principles implemented consistently over time will inevitably yield positive results. I love working with a team that is made up of experts in the field of outpatient therapy who consistently honor these principles. Together we have helped companies break through glass ceilings and rise to new heights. Our consulting team has worked together for years creating and refining systems with proven success to grow revenue, simplify billing, and improve team culture.  

What do you do at ABC?

My focus within ABC is on increasing revenue for your company. This comes either by helping to earn or save another dollar, and then showing you how to grow the value of that dollar so that it works in your behalf to grow your practice. I understand that each organization is unique and requires individualized guidance and counsel. As I learn your company patterns, goals, and vision, I help our ABC team customize a plan toward increasing revenue. 

What strengths make you suited for what you do?

I made a choice long ago to surpass “standard” in the pursuit of “excellence” and then once achieved repeatedly, teach and lead others to do the same. While I realize excellence is an eternal pursuit, there comes a point where it becomes a wave you can ride with consistent and intentional course correction guided by ongoing eduction and collaboration with other leaders in the field. I have learned how to simplify and apply these principles in diverse outpatient rehabilitative settings and have seen them yield positive results across all demographics and regardless of economic status. With the help of our ABC experts, I have identified which principles of truth are necessary for optimal growth and development, and I remain excited to share these truths with others.

What are your interests outside of work?

My interests typically revolve around being active and spending time with my family hiking, cycling, running, camping, and kayaking, but I also enjoy slowing down to read a good book or watch a movie.