Team Development

1. Front Office/ Support Team Training

The first impression about your practice, whether excellent or not so great, happens with your front office team.

A practice that stands out from the competition is comprised of a exceptional support team that is confident, knowledgeable and delivers excellent customer service. Ongoing training gives your team the opportunity to learn and grow in their skills. Engaged teams members are key elements to the success of the practice’s growth and play an important role in creating excellence.

2. Referral and Authorization Training

Building strong relationships with referring providers brings in new patients and thus, new revenue.

Timely and accurate processing of referrals ensures that patients can be scheduled and begin treatment as soon as possible. This attention to care will strengthen relationships with your referring providers and create loyal patients. Submitting timely and complete authorizations will ensure that there is no delay in treatment and that you are paid. We work closely with your team to implement customizable systems for effective and efficient tracking referrals and authorizations so that no patients fall through the gaps and treatment occurs within the visit and date limitations.

3. Documentation Review

We have all heard the phrase “If it’s not documented it did not happen” but “If it’s not documented you’re not getting paid.”

Creating comprehensive patient documentation is crucial in being paid 100% of what you are owed, to communicate to other providers in a concise and professional manner and provide a legal document in the event of a medical legal case. We consistently review documentation to ensure it supports billed services, medical necessity, and patient progress.

4. Culture Development

Culture is who you are, and it manifests in every business decision and every action. It is created from your core values and what those values mean to you.

To create a strong culture, values need to be more than just words on the wall or a website. If your team does not understand what those values mean, how can they live them? Investing the time and energy to bring clarity to your values creates an intentional culture. A culture that continuously aligns and directs beliefs and behaviors. Intentional culture development is transformational. It will attract and retain those who align with your culture. It engages the hearts and minds of your team so that they are committed to your vision, direction, and values.